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Gov. Charlie Baker
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Please sign this petition to allow Sunday Bowhunting in Massachusettes. I know there is some opposition to lifting this law. I am confident that Bowhunting on Sunday's will not only strengthen the animal population and habitat. But also provide the hard working American Hunters in our community an opportunity to harvest an Animal. It is an extremely challenging endouver. Leaving many one day a week to hunt and individuals staring into an empty freezer.

The meat wild animal provides for ones family is the best you can get. All natural and untreated unlike the stuff wrapped in plastic at the store. How can we pass a law denying someone's right to provide for their family the only day one has available. You can shoot at a gun range on Sunday's. Play golf or ride a bike. All of which have gotten along just fine on Saturdays.

At the end of the day, agree with hunting or not. It's just another activity/skill/chore that some like/need to do. the religious card just doesn't work on this one anymore either. That went away when our kids stopped saying the pledge of allegiance at school.

Please sign for the greater good of America.

We the undersigned petition to lift the Sunday Bowhunting ban.

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