Suffolk County Taxpayers, Residents, Elected Officials
United States of America

Report: Suffolk County budget gap could total $1.5 billion by 2022: The projections are based on expectations that economic recovery will be slower than after the 2008 recession, task force coordinator Leonard Zinnanti said.

This is cause for concern and we must act now to avoid painful and unprecedented cuts to the quality of services that Suffolk County residents have come to expect. Without comprehensive and adequate relief from the federal government, residents will suffer.

The COVID-19 Pandemic and its corresponding lock down have severely impacted Suffolk County's primary revenue stream: sales tax.

While you, our members, have been keeping Suffolk working by providing vital services during this pandemic, we need to ensure the County of Suffolk remains solvent if we are to continue to do our jobs without interruption and without being asked to make unpopular and unrealistic concessions.

The simplest and most important thing you can do to protect yours and your family's security is to join your AME brothers and sisters in calling upon the federal government to provide funding relief to states and local governments, like Suffolk County, that were hardest hit by this nationwide crisis.

While we encourage our members to contact all of their federal representatives, it is imperative that Congressman Lee Zeldin, as the only member of the majority party who is seeking re-election in our area, hears from us all.

We implore you to sign the attached online petition calling on Congressman Zeldin to fight for needed funding for local governments that have been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Once signed, we ask that you print and mail a hard copy to his office to ensure he knows how seriously we take this matter. We also ask that you to share this petition with your friends and family and encourage them to join the fight for their region as well.

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