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On October 16, 2012 the cooperating Sudan-focused organisations Satellite Sentinel Project, Enough Project and Nuba Reports have released a video and photo report on massive war crimes carried out by members of the Sudanese Central Reserve Police also known as Abu Tira in a village called Gardud as Badry near the border to South Sudan on May 18, 2012.

For the first time and with the help of the cell phone video material, four of the attackers in the video could be unmistakeably identified by their uniform and emblem as members of the notoriously brutal police force Abu Tira. For more than a year, people in the area had reported of systematic razings of several villages and mass killings of Nuba people who the police forces had mistaken for rebels of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement North (SPLM-N).

This is only the current peak of ongoing attacks and violence carried out by national troops in the region: Since July 2011 the border area to South Sudan has been bombed by the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and the Popular Defense Forces (PDF) almost every day (see www.nubareports.org). As a result, more than 400,000 people are trying to escape the region, seek for shelter in the mountains, lots of them are suffering severe health and nourishment problems. The denial of humanitarian help adds to the crimes committed by the government.

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In the light of the current release of the video-material that give undoubted evidence of the Sudanese Force's illegitimate and genocidal attacks in the border state South Kordofan, we, the undersigned, urgently demand the Sudanese government, namely Omar Hassan al-Bashir, Sudan's president, to immediately stop razing, bombing and looting villages in border regions such as Abbeyi, the Nuba Mountains and South Kordofan through their joint units of militia, police force and army.

The government of Sudan must stop addressing brutal actions towards its own people who are already suffering from tremendous conditions and who deserve to live freely and in peace.

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