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The hope of all Zimbabweans since at least 1999 has been for democratic change. Election after election, our hopes have been dashed, and as we approach another 'watershed election', the opposition is in disarray. The country is in ruins, the economy in the gutter, and the same people who have brought us here look certain to be brought back into power in 2018.

We cannot afford to let this election go without change. We will not survive another five years like this. Democratic change, through peaceful means, requires that we rally around candidates that can truly change things. Candidates that we know will not go in there to loot, but will fix things. Candidates with a track record.

With all hope receding that change will come in 2018 from the usual suspects, it seems odd that we are not as a people turning to the one team that is immune to the acquisitive and accumulative proclivities of those vying to lead our great nation. Strive Masiyiwa has started a global company, and has shown that he is able to run something. His company's balance sheet is bigger than our annual budget. At one point, Nkosana Moyo was his banker, and his knowledge of finance makes his an able partner to Strive.

It is undeniable that these two gentlemen love Zimbabwe. They have remained citizens, when they could very well have moved anywhere in the world. It is possible that these two gentlemen think that if they put their hats in the ring, we the people will not rally to them. This petition is being run to let them know that in fact, we would support their ticket. All of us to a man and woman.

Sign this petition to draft Strive Masiyiwa and Nkosana Moyo to run for President and Vice President of Zimbabwe in 2018. Tell them that if they run, they have your vote.

Win with Masiyiwa/Moyo 2018

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