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Wally Covington, Brentsville Supervisor
United States of America

This petition is for the purpose of establishing the straightening of the dangerous "S curve" on Lucasville Road and constructing a proper left turn lane into Allegro Drive when travelling Northbound on Lucasville Road, as a priority transportation project in Prince William County, Virginia, and providing for its immediate funding.

The dangerous "S curve" is located adjacent to the intersection of Lucasville Road and Allegro Drive, at the entrance to the Mayfair subdivision. The petition has been slightly modified based upon new information that was discovered at the Prince William County Planning Commission hearing on October 20, 2004.

The undersigned residents of Prince William County request that the County Board of Supervisors establish a project to straighten the dangerous "S curve" on Lucasville Road opposite the Mayfair subdivision. The project must include the construction of a left turn lane onto Allegro Drive when travelling Northbound on Lucasville Road.

The citizens request that the Board appropriate funds proferred for transportation purposes by new home builders throughout Prince William County, and placing the project on the next transportation bond referendum as a priority project.

The undersigned request that the Board secure sufficient funding to acquire the necessary land, then design the project and construct the road in the most expeditious manner possible, in light of the high probability of a fatal accident taking place on the curve if no corrective action is taken.

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