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Ororo Munroe starts at her parents house after a bomb went off. Ororo is then rescued by a group mysterious strangers. She is then led to a villain known as Achmed el-Gibar. Mission 1 should start out as he test and trains her to be a thief. It should be led into a interlude of Shadow King were he manipulates her into working for him.

Mission 1 (Ororo the thief)
Storm must steal certain artifact, money, and treasure from people.

Professor X comes to Africa. He seeks Shadow King and attempts to banish to Shadow King to the Astral Plane.

Mission 2 (Betrayal)
Storm must fight with Professor X to defeat Shadow King.

Storm is then freed to go wherever she wants.She wander the desert and meets a group of people from a tribe. They talk about their experience with the a evil tribe led by a man named Houngan.

Mission 3 (The Houngan Tribe)
Storm agrees to use her powers to help the group of resistants from an African tribe defeat Houngan and his followers.

She is then worshiped as a goddess after the victory over winning over Houngan. 5 years later (age 20-25), Storm is asked to join Professor X and his X-Men. Storm then does a danger room section by herself.

Mission 4 (Danger Room Pt. 1)
Storm must then fight some robots in the danger room. Storm must also rescue Jean Grey from Mystique, in order to successfully complete the Danger Room session.

Mission 5 (The Recruit)
Storm must then help them recruit new members (Rogue, Shadowcat, and Sunspot) of the X-Men for a while. Mystique tries to recruit some the students. Storm must fight Mystique for the protecting of the new recruits.

X-Men are talking with the new recruits and discussing there mutant abilities. Storm volunteers to go into the Danger Room and train with the students.

Mission 6 (Danger Room Pt. 2)
Storm must then face the danger room again with two of the recruits (players chose of which characters will Storm train with [Sunspot, Rogue, or Shadowcat]).

The X-Men complement the new recruits. It is interrupted when they here about the Morlocks terrorizing the city.

Mission 7 (The Morlocks)
Storm and The X-Men are told to go into the sewers and stop the Morlocks from trying to cause havok on the surface world. Storm then has a special dialogue with Marrow and Callisto (the current leaders of the Morlock). Storm must then fight them in order for the attack to be stop.

Callisto and Marrow swear they would get revenge on Storm somehow. Storm then decides to leave the X-Men for a while. She then encounters Mystique again, they have a dialogue.

Mission 8 (Mystique)
Storm then fights Mystique.

Storm and Mystique’s battle are interrupted by H.Y.D.R.A. Storm and Mystique were surprisingly captured by H.Y.D.R.A. They wake up to find themselves in underground basement.

Mission 9 (The Escape)
They then work together to escape H.Y.D.R.A. Player can switch from Storm to Mystique to currently play with.

Mystique then states that this teamwork was a once in a life time thing, Storm replies with the same sentence. Mystique states that the next time they meet, they will be enemies. Storm returns to Africa, to only find trouble when Black Panther tries to protect the tribe from a Shadow King possessed Houngan.

Mission 10 (Return to Africa)
Storm and Black Panther team up to try and defeat Shadow King/Houngan. Storm and Black Panther fail to destroy Shadow King but succeed to release Houngan from Shadow King’s grasp.

Storm, Black Panther, and The Tribe try understand how Houngan got possessed by Shadow King. Houngan states that he was ambush by Sauron and Garokk and taken to Shadow King to be his vessel of destruction.

Mission 11 (African Storm)
They choose to take to fight Shadow King again and send him to the Astral Plane forever. After the victory over Shadow King, Storm and Black Panther have a romantic scene promise to never forget each other no matter how far they are away. Storm, Black Panther, Houngan face the first boss Sauron and Garokk, and then face the top boss Shadow King.

Storm returns to the X-Mansion. While flying back to X-Mansion, she is ambushed by Marrow and Callisto.

Mission 12 (The Battle for the Morlocks)
Storm choose not fight them but wishes to understand why they terrorize the New York and why they away steal from others. Marrow then chooses to fight Storm. Storm makes a bet with Marrow and Callisto, that if she wins then Storm will become the new leader of the Morlocks and if Marrow wins, then Storm cannot interfere with the Morlock plans to rule the surface world.

When Storm wins, she then chooses to lead the Morlocks to a new life. Storm directs them to the X-Men, but the Morlocks refuse to follow Storm as they believe that they will not be accepted into the X-Men. Storm asks Callisto and Marrow to watch over The Morlocks while she is away. Storm choose to return to the X-Men after she been away for so long.

Mission 13 (Phoenix)
Storm returns to only find the X-Mansion destroyed. Storm finds some of the X-Men characters (Cyclops, Psylocke, Forge, Ms. Marvel, Iceman, and Sunspot) unconscious on the ground. They explain that it was the Phoenix that destroyed the Mansion. Storm and The X-Men must track her down and stop her from doing anymore damage than she has already cause. Phoenix also has an alliance with The Hellfire Club. The Hellfire Club are keeping Professor X, Colossus, Rogue, Shadowcat, and Beast captive. Phoenix also choose to fight the X-Men.

After the defeat of Phoenix, three of the X-Men (optional chose of characters) choose to stay behind and look after Jean Grey, as most of her energy has been used up on the Phoenix.

Mission 14 (The Rescue)
Storm and several others of the X-Men (chosen X-Men to help rescue the other X-Men) choose to rescue the remaining X-Men from the Hellfire club clutches. When the X-Men defeat the Hellfire club and the other X-Men are rescued, Emma Frost will ask to join the X-Men.

Storm once again states that she will leave the X-Men to lead the group of Morlocks. Storm rides a subway to her destination point where she encounters a old lover of Wolverine. Lady Deathstrike states that a friend of Wolverine is a enemy of hers.

Mission 15 (Lady At The Sub)
Storm must fight Lady Deathstrike’s minions.

Mission 16 (Nails of a Deathstrike)
Storm must defeat Lady Deathstrike herself. Lady Deathstrike also swears her revenge upon Storm and those that follow her.

Storm return to the Morlocks’ secret tunnel only to find it overrun by H.Y.D.R.A. agents. Storm must find Marrow and Callisto and free the Morlocks (Leech, Scaleface, Calliban, Cybelle, and Plaque) in capture.

Mission 17 (The Battle for Life)
Storm, Callisto and Marrow work together to rescue the Morlocks from the evil H.Y.D.R.A. agents and Sentinels. The boss of the stage should be a Master Mold.

We are requesting a Storm video game. We ask for the support of any X-Men video game fans.

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