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As part of the Thames Tunnel development, Barn Elms, a valuable green space in London, is being considered by Thames Water as one of its ‘main drive shaft sites’. A brownfield site must be used instead.

With its playing fields, adjacent river and tow path, Barn Elms is the main public sporting hub for South-West London. The facilities are used by *30 schools from 10 different London boroughs as well as 44 sports clubs and thousands of individuals. It is also an important conservation area with ancient rare trees, bats and birds. Strolls along the tow path provide a welcome touch of the countryside for thousands of people from all over London. It sits next door to the London Wetland Centre ‘the best urban wildlife site in Europe’.

A seven year construction project would permanently affect the ecology of Barn Elms and during this period the sporting activities that take place both on and around Barn Elms would be massively impacted.

For these reasons we urge you to sign the petition to object to a construction site being placed on Barn Elms SW13, Leaders Gardens SW15, the foreshore adjacent to Barn Elms or the Boat Repair Yard off Putney Embankment. There are alternative brownfield sites and Thames Water must use one of these.

For more information on the campaign to save Barn Elms:

from Stop-the-Shaft , please visit:

from Wandsworth Council, please visit: www.wandsworth.gov.uk/savebarnelms

We, the undersigned, oppose plans for one of the Thames Water Tunnel Main Drive Shafts to be constructed on Barn Elms SW13, Leaders Gardens SW15, the foreshore, adjacent to Barn Elms or the Boat Repair yard, off Putney Embankment on the basis that the chaos from 7 years of construction and loss of open space outweigh any benefits. An industrial or Brownfield site must be found.


Pls sign this petition and state objections.

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