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Llanishen Cardiff
United Kingdom

There is a proposal to introduce an experimental permit gate (using cameras), designed to stop people from travelling from Crystal Glen (Heathwood Road entrance) through to Ty Glas Road. This will affect visitors and work forces onto the estate. All residents will be expected to use a permit to access their home estate. In principle, this 'seems' like a 'good' idea, but the practicalities have not been addressed, as neither have the majority of the residents on the estates been made aware of this proposal. The only vehicles which will be able to access this permit gate will be taxis, buses and emergency vehicles. With fuel prices rocketing, this proposal will affect the pockets of many people living on the estate. It will put people off coming to work on the estate. It will also affect anyone visiting this estate. This proposal will also affect any funerals undertaken by the two churches on this estate, as well as funneling traffic up through Fidlas Road, which is already a nightmare during the school run and rush hour. Parents will have nowhere to park their cars, as they will not be allowed onto the estate without a permit. The local shops will lose passing trade, and relatives of elderly people will not be allowed to come and pick them up to take them to their various appointments. I urge that you reconsider this proposal. I understand the intention of preventing this estate being used as a 'rat run', but I have lived on this estate for over 37 years, and never had an issue with cars (apart from the school run, and even that is only on the very infrequent occasion). I understand that you want to prevent this estate being used as a short cut by frequent speeding cars, so a better proposal would be to put regular speed ramps in, because the current speed humps do nothing to slow down those who wish to go faster than 20mph. On a personal level, I have worked from home on this estate for the last 20 years, and lost everything at the start of the pandemic, and have built my business back up again despite ill health, and I feel that this traffic proposal will prevent people coming to me from the south east side of the city, as they will have to travel up Fidlas Road and back down in to Ty Glas Road, adding costs to their journey, and a couple of people have already told me it's either petrol or my fee....I feel this plan will jeopardise my business. No doubt other people working from home on a self employed basis will feel the same. We do not want to be used as a traffic experiment. This has not been thought through properly.

We the undersigned call on Cardiff City and Planning department to reject the proposals for introducing an experimental camera operated 'permit gate' between Fishguard Road and Fishguard Close on Crystal Glen, and instead, put in speed humps to slow traffic down.

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