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Whomever it may concern

Poetry.com, Illiad Press, the International Library of Poetry. . . most people have heard these names, and in a negative context. What most people don't know is that these organizations are run by the same people, and they all are out to get money off of you!

I would like to close down Poetry.com and the other writing-related contest scams out there on the internet. Thousands of serious writers share their work with these organizations each year, are told their work is the best thing since Robert Frost, and asked to purchase books, plaques, CD's and do-dad's of their printed poems! For more info on this, I urge you to see the webpage below, then sign this petition so everyone knows how many people want these scams to end!

By signing this petition, I state that I support the closing of scam writing-related sites and cooperations such as Poetry.com.

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