#Animal Welfare
Walworth County, Wisconsin District Attorney's Office
United States of America

Worst Christmas story: Wisconsin vs. deer, article by John Kass @Chicago Tribune. The State of Wisconsin wants to kill Charlotte a deer, who thinks she is a horse.

Charlotte was rescued by Marvin Graaf and is being threatened with up to eight months in jail and a fine of up to $2,000.00. Some 15 months ago a mother deer and her fawn were hit by a car. The mother died and the fawn had been dragged by the car. Only her ear was torn. Charlotte stayed in the same spot where her mother died and wouldn't leave. A neighbor knew a man that had rescued other animals. For four days Charlotte, the fawn, just stood there where her mother died. She wouldn't eat. She was dying. Marvin was able to nurse her back to good health.

In August, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources sent officers to Graaf's home to kill Charlotte. Graaf refused to release Charlotte to them. She threatens no one by staying on Graaf's farm running with her horse friends.

Dear Gov. Scott Walker
Judge Robert J. Kennedy
District Attorney, Phillip Koss,

Please let Charlotte live and remain on Mr. Graaf's farm.

Please do not charge Mr. Graaf with any crime. He was only helping one of God's creatures. Mr. Graaf did not go out and seek a fawn to become his pet. This entire situation was an accident and Mr Graaf only did the most loving, act.

In this era, where a mother in Texas just shot and killed her two children, boyfriend and 10 month old baby. A man doused an elderly woman with flammable liquid and burnt her alive in New York, etc. etc.

Come on....have a heart and do the right thing.


A good person in the world, of which there aren't many left.

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