South Africa

Guys it's cold! Yes, it's an annual thing but that doesn't mean we should accept this. I mean just look outside the sun is out but it's cold, a se boloi?

It's not even the 2010 world cup mara it's cold, why? Now we are busy bothering other people's children to come warm us up, then it's too cold to put your hand out and reach for a condom. Next thing bhu! Ngwana ke o, why do you think there are so many March/April babies in South Africa, ke Satan e ba reng ke winter. You can't even sit down on the toilet, ke gore wena a wa swanela go kaka winter ka moka?

This has to come to an end, re gatvol ka winter, e se neng o tla kwa bare cold front wa tla, pula a re forget me not, worst of all we are out of coats re tshaba le go tswa ka weekend. Please sign the petition to stop winter.

Please sign the petition and excercise a stay away from work and school until there is no more winter.

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