#Animal Rights

Have you ever swam with a dolphin or gone whale watching? well if you ever want to, then you should sign this petition.

my plan is to get 1 million signatures and then present this to the Queensland government in Australia, so that hopefully, this inhumaine act can be ceased.

if you could just spare 60 seconds out of you life, to help save a whale or a dolphin, you are one of the greatest people ever.

this is unfair what is happening to them. how would the japanese like to be shot with a harpoon and the dragged onto a boat and left to die and suffer in pain.

these whales dont die straight away. no, no, no. it can take up to 3 hours until the whale has fully passed away.

so if you care about our marine life, please, i beg you, sign this petition. these animal deserve it.

We, the undersigned, demand that whaling and dolphin hunting be illegal and cease immediately.

I hope to get the achieved amount of 1 million signatures, and the present them to the Queensland government, with the hope that it will stop.

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