The Prime Minister; Department of Health and Ageing; Attorney General's Department.

In July of this year, the United Nations declared access to clean water a human right. 41 nations abstained from supporting the resolution.

The subject of water fluoridation has been controversial for decades. Sweden rejected fluoridation in the 1970s and, three scientists have now confirmed the wisdom of that decision in their book (released October 2010) 'The Case Against Fluoride'.

"Our children have not suffered greater tooth decay, as World Health Organization figures attest, and in turn our citizens have not borne the other hazards fluoride may cause. In any case, since fluoride is readily available in toothpaste, you don’t have to force it on people.” ~ Arvid Carlsson, Nobel Laureate in Medicine or Physiology (2000) and Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology, University of Gothenburg".

On the eve of the new millennium, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), listed water fluoridation as one of the twentieth-century’s 10 greatest public-health achievements. Yet according to the authors of this painstakingly researched expose of fluoridation’s overall ineffectiveness and toxicity, endorsements such as these from the CDC and other health organizations are motivated more by face-saving politics than credible research.

“Fluoridation advocates who have previously branded detractors as conspiracy theorists and shills for junk science will be hard pressed to debunk the hundreds of peer-reviewed studies and sound scientific reasoning presented here.”

Many scientists oppose adding such a toxic substance to our main drinking supply, yet powerful forces keep our water fluoridated. A short 30-minute film, Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation, provides some chilling information. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7547385139152764985&hl=en

Any beneficial effect from fluoride on teeth is only topical. As one scientist put it, “If you want to prevent sunburn, you don’t drink suntan lotion. You put it on your skin.”

Yet, fluoridated municipal water exposes our internal organs to a toxic substance. Children are especially vulnerable, because the blood-brain barrier is not fully developed. Fluoride lowers intelligence. One in three US adults has arthritis, which is a symptom of skeletal fluorosis. Fluoride also causes depression and lethargy, they report.

The World Health Organization advised that a third of US children suffer from dental fluorosis caused by too much fluoride intake.

Both the book, The Case Against Fluoride, and the film, Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation, provide citizens with sound science to use when demanding that city officials end this “unethical, unnecessary, ineffective and dangerous” practice.


Scientifically advanced and health conscious countries such as Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and Sweden have totally rejected fluoridation.

There has never been a scientific study in Australia or the world to prove the safety of fluoridation.

Fluoride is a poison that accumulates in your body and one-third of a teaspoonful of sodium fluoride is estimated to be a lethal dose.

Fluoridated toothpaste can contain up to 1500 ppm of fluoride. There is enough in one tube to kill a child!

Nature knows best. There is virtually no fluoride in mothers' milk. A bottle-fed baby on formula food reconstituted with fluoridated water, receives 700% above NHMRC and WHO suggested maximum safe daily intake of fluoride for babies. Many world medical scientists consider the fluoride intake should be zero.

The Tasmanian Royal Commission (1968) and the Victorian Inquiry (1980) estimated 10% of children in fluoridated populations will suffer dental fluorosis, i.e. mottled teeth. The latest research shows 48%.

The British Medical Research Council, the American Medical Association and Australia's NHMRC state that dental fluorosis is the first sign of chronic fluoride poisoning.


We, the undersigned call on the Australian Government to support and enact the United Nations resolution of July 2010 that declared access to clean water a human right. We call on the Australian Government to immediately stop the fluoridation of water and that fluoridation contamination be removed from Australia.

We further call on the Australian Government to provide the scientific evidence used to support the use of fluoride in Australia's water supply and provide evidence that fluoridation is perfectly safe for all people.

We demand the right to clean water as outlined in the United Nations resolution of July 2010. The choice to use fluoride should be the individual's choice as fluoride is readily available in toothpaste.

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