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For the 2008 inauguration, $146 million was spent-some from private donors and some from the local and federal governments.

Inauguration Day is a federally paid holiday for thousands of federal workers. The wasteful spending while thousands of American citizens are in need a short distance from Washington D.C. is horrific and a terrible example of American society.

We the people hereby protest the wasteful spending associated with the 2013 inauguration. Government spending is out of control.

Cancelling the extravagance of a formal ceremony for an incumbent president, including cancelling a day of federal holiday pay for thousands of government workers, is a responsible action for a president who's promised to relieve our children of the burden of national debt. In addition, thousands of our citizens are in desperate need after natural disasters. Donations to their cause would be far more warranted.

Please save Americans the embarrassment of watching a day long event broadcast throughout the world as the news follows those in need only miles away from Washington D.C.

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