Zynga have reported as from December 5th 2012 Vampire Wars will be shutdown.

The above news has come as a huge shock to most fans of the game (over 3000000), not only have we enjoyed and loved the game, we say we have gained new friends and allies along the way, most players have dedicated 6+ years to the game, these players are our admins our mentors and our friends, so much time and dedication has been spent, not to mention money spent for those who have believed in the game with much heart.

There are literally thousands of groups on FACEBOOK dedicated to promoting VAMPIRE WARS and the players, community groups that inevitably bring this big family together in as well as outside of the game. Such passion and enjoyment from a simple game is inspiring, thousands log in daily to play, not only are their facebook walls drowned in achievements earned playing the game but also their pictures are dedicated to VAMPIRE WARS in one form or another, should this not be a huge accomplishment and celebration for Zynga at least?

No respect or consideration was provided by Zynga to their players regarding shutdown, a mere popup on our game that hit us like a kick to the stomach or worse a knife to our hearts for many.

I ask you all to sign the petition, share with everyone who knows you, we may not be able to save our game but one thing is known, we are fighters we will forge together an alliance, a mighty clan who wont give up on their game. our game so easy.

We, the undersigned, call on Zynga to reconsider the shutdown of Vampire Wars.

The Stop Vampire Wars Shutdown petition to Zynga was written by melissa Fowler and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.