Blacktown City Council

Unsympathetic and brutal lopping of trees by power companies and contractors must stop. We demand that essential lopping is carried out in a way that preserves the integrity and appeal of our suburban streetscapes.

Trees provide shade, habitats for wildlife and cleaner air, and bring a natural beauty to our neighbourhoods. Blacktown Council spends thousands of dollars of ratepayers’ money on planting and caring for new trees. It also encourages residents to plant trees and has a tree preservation order. Yet it allows electricity companies to hack at established trees with complete disregard for tree health, natural shape and beauty, making a mockery of the preservation order.

We recognise that power companies have a duty to ensure the security of power lines. However, many Blacktown residents are horrified at how the unsympathetic lopping of trees is destroying our attractive streetscapes.

As concerned residents, we insist that essential lopping be carried out by professionals in a way that maintains the shape, health, beauty and integrity of our trees for the enjoyment and benefit of the community now and into the future.

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We the undersigned request that Blacktown City Council enforces and ensures professional, respectful and environmentally-sound tree-lopping under power lines by trained tree trimmers.

We also request that appropriate action, including legal action if necessary, be taken against deliberately and disrespectfully disfiguring community trees under power lines.

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