#Animal Welfare

At present, there is compulsory quarantine for all pets entering Australia, from 1 month to 6 months depending on where the animal is coming from. There are also some countries from which animals must complete 6 months quarantine in another country before being allowed to do some quarantine in Australia.

Apart from the fact that quarantine is exorbitantly expensive it is also considered inhumane in many countries, particularly when pets are coming from countries that do not have rabies or vaccination rules that are equally stringent to Australia.

Europe introduced the PETS program which allows pets from most countries in Europe and a large number or non European countries (including Australia) to move freely around Continental Europe and the UK without any quarantine.

Animals face an extremely long and stressful flight from other countries to Australia and are then expected to stay in a concrete floored barred cell for at least one month rather than experiencing the comfort of being with their families. It is true that families are allowed to visit their pets, but quarantine places are usually in distant locations with their permitted visiting hours usually only during working hours, when presumably pet owners will be at work.

We, the undersigned, call on the Australian Government and AQIS to remove quarantine requirements of Australia to be in line with those of the UK and Europe Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) including all of the countries that are cleared to enter the UK without quarantine.

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