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STOP unlicensed individuals, business and companies ripping of consumer and posing and “solar companies” when in fact most are
- unlicensed
-not qualified

If you call someone to install a power point in your home it’s safe to presume they are an electrician and fully licensed and insured. But did you know that many individuals and groups establish websites, business cards, promotional material and will have you convinced they are legitimately qualified and registered when in fact they are NOT?

These group then randomly call electricians to auction off your installation or send out non qualified trades people.

When you have a fault with your system or worse who do you call? Your insurer will ask for proof of purchase in the event of damage or fire. They will see that the person or group that have in fact sold your system to you do not hold the necessary licenses and building insurance and you have nowhere to turn to.

It’s about time the regulatory authorities and the clean energy council clean up this illegal practice that is leaving consumers unprotected.

I the undersigned call on the Clean Energy Council of Australian and Energy safe Victoria to mandate that an individual, business owner or director offering services in relation to the supply and / or installation of a renewable energy system hold the nessessry electrician licenses, insurances and qualification as an “electrician contractor”
I request that Persons employeed by such persons or organisations to sell renewable energy systems are hold a clean energy council accreditation in the design of the system they are selling.

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