#Animal Welfare
ASPCA, Delta Society, Houston/Surrounding Cities and State of Texas
United States of America

As an avid animal lover, dogs in particular are my favorite and Rottweiler is by far my favorite breed. They're truly loyal, beautiful, powerful, yet gentle and loving animals. Pets are no longer, just kept for leisure and recreation. They've become extended members of our family, giving just as much love and affection to us as we give to them. Dogs have been known for their loyalty to people for hundreds of years. However, there is a huge stigma against "vicious dog breeds" that is over shadowing all of the wonderful things dogs do for us every day. This causes an unfair advantage to responsible dog owners everywhere.

People are denied housing, fined and even evicted because of the type of dogs they choose to love and make part of their families. Dogs should not be judged based on a reputation that irresponsible dog owners have created for these breeds. All dogs have personalities and can be either good or bad the same as people. But I GUARANTEE YOU WILL FIND THAT MOST DOGS ARE INHERENTLY GOOD UNTIL THEY'RE GIVEN A REASON NOT TO BE.

We must fight to undo the damage that irresponsible dog breeders have done, by ignoring the vital role of temperament in dog breeding, and we must work patiently to overturn the stigma connected to these breeds. After signing this petition please visit the following websites....


We, the undersigned, call on the ASPCA, the Delta Society and the State of Texas to re-evaluate the pet laws associated with housing pet policies with-in the City and throughout State of Texas. It is our recommendation that the City and State Government devise a legal compromise as follows:

Citizens should be allowed to keep dogs of any kind, at any resident in which they pay rent or mortgage, to include apartments, condominiums, houses, duplexes or trailers.

Citizens should be allowed to have any breed of dog, as long as the dog owner complies with the following.

All dogs are to be kept on a leash or restrained at all times within a confined area not accessible by the general public such as a fenced yard, patio or inside the home.

It is agreeable that housing authorities shall require pets to be spayed/neutered and up to date on all shots and vaccinations.

It is also agreeable that housing authorities shall require pet owners to pay additional fees/deposits to cover any anticipated damage, within reason, to be caused by the pet, before the pet is allowed on the premises.

Dogs should not be neglected based on the breed alone. To judge one dog based on an overall perception of a breed is unfair and unequal treatment, no different from stereotyping a person based on their race or ethnicity. Dogs that are so called “Aggressive Breeds” should be evaluated on an individual basis.

The state of Texas should devise a "TCP" Temperament Certification Program that allows "aggressive dog breeds" to be evaluated for aggressiveness on a periodic basis. And any dog that passes this state certified evaluation should be allowed to be kept on any property or premises of which its owner pays rent or mortgage, as long as the owner complies with housing authority rules and ensures the dog is recertified in a timely manner.

The state should also make available the opportunity for pet owners to obtain feasible liability insurance on any "dog" that has a state temperament certification. This will hold the individual owner fully liable for any and all incidents involving their pet and their own negligence that are not due to the negligence or mal-decision of someone else.

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