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PLEASE SIGN & SHARE this Petition and support my Further Revised Submission (below) to TPG (who have already rejected it - based on the grounds of not enough evidence... do the words smoking and abestos rings bells with long term cases...) are have advised they will be installing a Mobile Phone Base Station near the front of my house - Thanks!

NOTE : some parts of this Submission have been amended to protect those involved.

Re: Submission for Mobile Phone Base Station - 2209016

My family and I are lodging this further revised submission (for the above proposal) on the grounds of:-

1. The proposed antenna would be directly located across the road from our 2 storey house;
2. Concerns for my family I, all being exposed to radio-frequency emissions from the proposed antenna;
3. Concerns for my family and I, all having our bedrooms located upstairs, in the front 2 rooms of our 2 storey house, which faces where the proposed antenna would be;
4. Concerns for my family growing up within a close proximity and having constant exposure of the proposed antenna, which could potentially put them at a higher risk of contracting cancer;
5. Concerns that our house/property is currently surrounded by various and dangerous telecom and electrical infrastructure (on both sides), one of which recently fell down onto the road/footpath (and took several days to fix) which raises further safety fears for my family and I, if more dangerous telecom and electrical infrastructure is installed;
6. Concerns of the effects the proposed antenna could impose on my family and I, if the proposed antenna was damaged and/or not properly maintained;
7. By installing such antenna, it could be knocked over and/or damaged by large trees surrounding it;
8. By installing such antenna, this could decrease the mental and physical health of my family and I;
9. By installing such antenna, this could decrease the value of our house/property;
10. By installing such antenna, this could lead to more being installed on the same pole or others close by;
11. By installing such antenna, this could spoil the aesthetics of the neighbourhood.

We call on The General Public to eliminate The Notice Of Mobile Phone Base Station Proposal from TPG

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