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There is a planned show at Fairmont Southampton in February and March 2011 featuring a disappearing live tiger.

The Bermuda Sun reports as follows:

Magician to offer 'the ultimate tiger encounter'

A tiger will be on stage as part of a hotel magic show next year. Magician Rick Thomas will be offering the ‘ultimate tiger encounter show’ at the Fairmont Southampton Resort from February 25 to March 5.

The award-winning illusionist and magician will make the white tiger “appear then disappear” at the Mid-Ocean Amphitheatre.

The show is being organized by the Sandys Rotary Club, who insist the tiger will remain in a cage “at all times.”

Mr. Thomas visited the hotel about five months ago and deemed it suitable for his show.

The tiger, which is one of six that he owns, will stay “absolutely securely” on site at the hotel and will be guarded by security guards.

Event manager Sandra Christensen said: “Everyone is really excited about the show, it’s something fun to go and see.

“It will mostly be illusions, Rick Thomas will also bring the tiger on stage, as well as birds and dancers.

“It will be a very interactive show. He will talk about the preservation of tigers and invite the audience to have their photo taken with the tiger.

“The tiger will be in a cage at all times. Rick Thomas has travelled to over 50 countries with his tigers, he knows what he is doing.”

Mr. Thomas will drive the tiger from Las Vegas to New York, before they travel to Bermuda by plane.

We, the undersigned, call on Fairmont Southampton Hotel to reconsider their decision to allow a show which degrades a performing tiger.

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