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United Nations

(CNN) Muslim detainees at a federal immigration facility in Florida have been repeatedly served pork or pork-based products, which goes against their religious beliefs, according to legal and civil rights advocates.

The groups allege that Muslim detainees at the Krome detention facility in Miami have been forced to accept pork because the "religiously compliant or halal meals that ICE has served have been persistently rotten and expired."

Expired halal meals have been an issue for over two years, but the situation for the detainees at the facility was exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, according to Muslim Advocates and Americans for Immigration Justice.
(Keep in mind Muslims can’t eat pork)

We, the undersigned, call on the UN to ban what is happening to the Muslim ICE detainees in Florida.
And what is happening is wrong in every way possible, and we cannot let this pass by.

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