This Is NOT It
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On June 25, 2009 Music dies the King passed away, Michael Jackson was gone and his legend will live on. The media is the real killer of Michael and This Is Not It is only a group of attention asking fans and only the real and faithful fans are backing what michael really wanted and that's to see him in good health, Singing and Dancing on the screen. With all proceeds going to his heirs. This Is It is the last time Michael was on stage and he was showing he is and will always be the king of pop and the true fans will see that.

Time To revolt against the enemy, its time to take a look at yourself and make a change and take this fight to the media.

We need to shut down This Is NOT It, Michael would not of wanted it this way he would want his fans together not apart. With this we will fight to show how the king wants to be remembered and how we want to remember him before the media drove him to the end.

As his fans we have a duty in protecting Michael and carrying his legend for many many years. This Is NOT It is just doing the opposite and killing that legend and his legacy.

Sign this to take the fight to the enemy and put all this media and critic coverage to death just like they did to the king himself.

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