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Aberdeen City Council
United Kingdom

Aberdeen City Council have designated Tullos Hill as a site that they want to plant trees on as part of a 'tree for every citizen' scheme. However their is a long-established Roe Deer community on Tullos Hill and they would eat the saplings.

On 3rd March 2011 the Council provisionally took the decision to cull the deer. However they have postponed the cull until 10th May to allow people to raise £225,000 to fund tree guards and other measures to protect the saplings.

This is completely outrageous. They is no demand to put trees on Tullos Hill and even if the Council believe that trees are a good idea there is no need to kill the wild animals whose home it is.

Animal welfare groups are dismayed, for example, Scottish SPCA's Mike Flynn said:"We firmly believe culls should only take place to protect the public or for animal welfare reasons.

"It is absurd and abhorrent to undertake a cull because it would be too costly to protect trees.

"We would suggest these trees should either be planted elsewhere or not at all. Trees should certainly not be planted at the expense of the lives of animals."

Please sign the epetition and together we can save the deer.

"We, the undersigned, call on Aberdeen City Council to reverse its decision to cull deer on Tullos Hill".

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