President Barack Obama, U.S. Senate and House Leaders
United States of America

We are in the midst of the largest transfer of wealth in history. The Federal Reserve which was created to protect us from financial disasters is actually fueling them. There has been a cycle of asset bubbles since President Reagan was in office. This has led to greed and in turn fraud.

Instead of being punished for their crimes, the fraudsters were bailed out using our money. Many other factors such as the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act and removal of our currency to the gold standard have also contributed to the problems we are now facing.

People are losing their homes. Unemployment is at dangerously high levels (double the figure you read about). Sadly, many jobs are not coming back. The manufacturing economy is gone. Prices have gone up 10-1 over the past 30 years, while our incomes have only doubled. The chances of hyperinflation are growing and if that occurs we could be looking at a unimaginable lowered standard of living. There are also the possibilities of defaulting on our national debt.

If nothing is done about this trend, we are looking at the possibility of social programs being cut. The middle class is shrinking and is in danger of vanishing altogether. Currently the CEO to employee pay ratio is 400-1. Families are forced to work two jobs and use credit to pay bills just to stay afloat. It’s about time for change and some accountability.

For more information, please visit: http://www.stoptransferofwealth.com

We the undersigned, call on the President and members of U.S. Congress to add some real accountability to our monetary system. We ask that you stop the excessive spending which is increasing our debt.

Stop printing money to solve our problems. Stop earmarks, pork projects and corporate welfare. Stop rewarding fraud with tax payer money. Prosecute the criminals responsible for the recent financial crisis. Audit and regulate the Fed so these problems can't happen again.

Split up the "too big to fail" banks so we can return to capitalism and remove the moral hazard cushion that leads to such high risk taking. Most importantly, save the middle class.

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