#Human Rights
Racism In Brunswick Sr. High School In Lawrenceville, Va
United States of America

At Brunswick Sr. High School in Lawrenceville, Va racial discrimination is a cataclysm.

Being that the school is predominantly black and only about 18% white, of course there will be racial issues. However, I for one have experienced it myself when i first came here. Blacks on my bus and in the school were harassing me even though i had not done or said anything to them. They would throw things at me, tell me where i could and could not sit, threatin to beat me up, and much much more.

I personally have gone to the principal, Mr. Whiting, as have my father and step mom many different times and he has not done anything about the issue and presumably just as mainstream, formidable, disconcerting, and indifferent.

This happens on a daily basis, not only to me, but to most other white people as well, and nothing is being done to stop it. We NEED Your HELP to STOP ALL Racism in this school before someone gets hurt even worse.

We, the undersigned, sign this petition to stop the subordinate racism that is occurring at Brunswick Sr. High School of Lawrenceville, Virginia.

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