Whittington NHS Trust Board
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The Board of the Whittington NHS Trust has recently decided to sell off £17 million of hospital buildings. They want to move much of their provision out of the hospital and into the community services that they now run. They want to make cuts so that their finances look rosy for their application for Foundation Trust status. Further details on the Capital Estates Strategy on http://www.whittington.nhs.uk/default.asp?c=12075

The Whittington Hospital serves the populations of Camden, Islington and Haringey. There is no NHS hospital in Haringey. The outcome of the sell-of means that the numbers of maternity patients will be slashed to 4,000, wards for the elderly will be closed and there will be no staff accommodation. All this will have a devastating impact on the provision of acute and other health services for this population.

We recognise that this massive cut is in line with the dreadful NHS cuts, closures and privatisation that are occurring across the country – an outcome of this Government’s attack on the NHS and welfare provision, in addition to the consequences of PFI on health budgets.

Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition stopped the closure of its Accident and Emergency, Intensive Care, Paediatrics and Maternity departments in 2010. We have always opposed the current Health and Social Care legislation.

We aim to stop this massive attack on our health services.

We are disgusted by the proposals to sell-off a large part of the Whittington Hospital, leading to ward closures, capping births to 4,000, loss of beds for the elderly, total loss of staff accommodation.

This is part of a wider attack on hospitals and other health services across the country.

We are opposed to the rundown, closure or privatisation of any key services, including staff accommodation, at the Whittington, or at any other hospital.

We call on the Whittington NHS Trust Board to stop the sell-off and the closure of beds, wards and staff accommodation.

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