#City & Town Planning
The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland

The Petition of the electors of the Division of Gladstone draws to the attention of the House:

That the Gladstone Regional Council is being made to rezone a parcel of land that has been put aside as the proposed site for a High School in Calliope, 55 Don Cameron Drive, Lot 126, CTN 1493, Parish STOWE, an area of 14.7 Hectares, that is currently Zoned COMMUNITY USE, and is to be rezoned to RESIDENTIAL.

It would have adverse affects on our community and our future generations to rezone and sell this parcel of land for residential development. With the high forecast population growth of this area over the next few years, and the lack of other available parcels of land, our local children shouldn’t have to continue to spend hours each day on a bus to get to a high school. Foresight would be to keep this land for its original intended use, a future high school for Calliope.

‘We, the undersigned, support keeping this parcel of land zoned as COMMUNITY USE, and for it not to be rezoned to RESIDENTIAL, 55 Don Cameron Drive, Lot 126, Calliope, CTN 1493, Parish STOWE,

Your petitioners therefore request the House to ensure that this land is not rezoned and retained as Government Land and not sold, to ensure the future of our community and the future education of our children.

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