#Animal Welfare
Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell

After decades of filing reports to police, meeting with various Ministries, providing education and information on poisons used, locating and reporting misuse of dangerous poisons this heinous act of poisoning dogs remains significant with not one person being held accountable or fined or found guilty of the infringement of this law.

The spreading of poisons like Lannate and gramoxone is an environmental hazard not only to dogs and livestock but to humans as well. These poisons are readily available over the counter.

We recommend these poisons be removed from general use by the public and any person poisoning dogs be prosecuted by law and reports filed to the police be immediately acted upon and taken in a serious manner.

"We, the undersigned, call on the Ministry of Health and the Environment, The Ministry of Agriculture, The Ministry of Tourism, Pest Control Department, DEA and the Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell to enforce the Animals (Prevention of Cruelty Act (22 March, 1952)."

3 (c) shall willfully, without any reasonable cause or excuse, administer, or cause or procure, or, being the owner, permit the administration of any POISONOUS, or injurious drug or substance to ay animal, or shall willfully, without any reasonable cause or excuse, cause any such substance to be taken by any animal.

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