Jeff Chapman and Sonny Perdue
United States of America

Jekyll Island is often referred to as the Jewel of Georgia. Since its original development, however, the buildings have become below standards. Developers see this as an opportunity to put in new Hotels. The problem is, These Hotels will be high rises, and will seriously affect the Environment.

The High rises will have many lights on during the night, which will seriously affect Logger Head turtles while laying eggs, and the when the babies hatch. They also wish to tear down the 4-H center, which has been an educational experience for almost every kid in the state.

It is wrong to develop a state park for money, and it will be a serious loss if one of our last barrier islands is developed.

We call on the Government to prohibit the over development of Jekyll Island, restricting the new hotels' height to a reasonable level, and to present proof this will not affect the sea turtles trying to breed.

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