The Official Languages Act was passed in 1969 by the Liberal government under P.E. Trudeau with the expressed purpose of making French-speaking Quebecers feel more a part of Canada.

It has failed in this primary objective because French Quebecers feel even less a part of Canada now leading to the widespread belief that we are now two separate entities, a French-speaking Quebec and an English-speaking Rest (Most) of Canada.

While outside Quebec, English-speakers are discriminated against in jobs which are clearly in favour of French-speakers, the opposite is true in Quebec where many anti-English laws have been passed in Quebec, resulting in the exodus of more than half a million English-speakers from Quebec.

If Quebec is allowed to be French-speaking, then the Rest (Most) of Canada should be allowed to be English-speaking without being discriminated against for not being able to function in French.

We, the undersigned, want the Federal government to stop this policy which clearly discriminates against the English-speaking majority.

The OLA clearly states that this policy should only apply "where numbers warrant" - this was deliberately never defined.

We demand that the Federal government defines this criteria clearly so that the English-speaking majority is not excluded from meaningful employment within all levels of government.

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