#Students' Rights
Vice Chancellor Nigel Wetherell
United Kingdom

Liverpool John Moores University is proposing the closure of its Politics and Geography courses.

We will not sit back and allow this to happen - by cutting courses, you not only prevent future students from being able to study their preferred course at their preferred University, but you also demoralise staff which ultimately directly affects the current students' education.

Why wait so late into the term to announce possible cuts? There has been no opportunity for students to have their say and for students' to speak against this. Instead, the University has waited until well after the end of term when most students' have gone home.

We feel angry for the students' that have chosen Liverpool John Moores as their firm choice through UCAS. They are the ones that will be affected front on. It is wholly wrong to allow somebody to apply for a course, watch them work very hard to get the results that the University specified were necessary and then shatter their dreams by telling them they can no longer attend that course and that their efforts were wasted.

We, the undersigned, call on Vice Chancellor Nigel Wetherell and Liverpool John Moores University to scrap the current proposal to close Politics and Geography courses.

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