Ontario is known for it's hardened restrictions on alcohol and another problem we are seeing is that it is overpriced. You can only purchase alcohol at the LCBO or The Beer Store and they close early and many are closed on Sundays.

Most states and some provinces allow sales of alcoholic beverages at gas stations and at food stores. They also have lower prices. It was proven that there are no problems in those jurisdictions that allow alcohol to be made more available. Bootlegging has been a problem in Ontario due to this.

This petition is to make a difference in Ontario and allow the same freedom of purchasing alcohol as you do in Quebec and in the USA where you see beer on shelves at a gas bar, and also to stop the overpricing of alcohol in Ontario.

If this petition gets enough signatures to achieve this goal, we could end up with more freedom and less problems with bootlegging. We must step up against this unjust practice that takes away freedom.

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The Stop the LCBO monopoly petition to LCBO was written by James Turuba and is in the category Government at GoPetition.