#Civil Rights
Lake County Indiana Commissioners
United States of America

On January 8th 2019, the Lake County Board voted to outlaw firearm use for shooting/target practicing unless you are 700 feet of a residence and requires a special berm to be constructed before target practicing for the whole Lake County area.
Ordinance number 1314 b - 1, on December 11th 2018, the Lake County Council adopted the ordinance restricting the discharge of firearms for the purpose of target practice or practicing the shooting of the firearm. Ordinance Defiance shooting range as a area designed and operated for the use of archery, rifles, shotguns, pistols, muskets, or similar firearms that are fired at silhouettes, paper, still bored, or other similar targets and provides that a shooting range is permitted in a 1 zone districts by special exemption only. Whereas, in order to preserve the peace and promote Public Safety, the Lake County Council desires to restrict the discharge a Firearms when used for the purpose of target shooting or practice shooting with a firearm at a shooting range in Lake County. The 700 feet Zone as set out in this ordinance includes the area on each side of the shooting range, and behind the backstop or burn on the shooting range.

We the undersigned call on the Lake County Commissioners to Vito the Lake County Board Ordinance #1314B-1 of outlawing Shooting/Target practicing from 700' from a residence along with the special berm requirement, back to the orginal 300' feet rule/Ordinance that had been in place before they passed this new Ordinance which was just voted in on January 8. 2019.

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