#Animal Welfare
Great Smoky Mountains Park Service
United States of America

Hunting, poaching and killing ANY wild animal for ANY reason are one and the same. Stop the killing of wildlife in Great Smokies National Park.

Great Smokies National Park officials killed a young elk after a video of the elk playfully head-butting Photographer James York went viral on Youtube. Great Smokies National Park officials said the elk was a safety threat despite the fact that York was not injured. Park officials said they killed the young elk after efforts to keep the elk away from people failed because people have been feeding some of the animals.

The truth is that this young elk, "Great Elky" welcomed and coexisted peacefully with human tourists in the park, the ELK's home. This elk, all elk, deer and other Smokies National Park wildlife deserve to live in their natural park home, free of human interference and human aggression.

RIP Great Elky. We hope this petition will help bring meaning to your short life.

You can support the campaign to save wild elk and deer by:

* Signing the peition below

* Getting "RIP Great Elky" Products at

* Sharing Doe A Deer's YouTube video about saving deer and elk at

(or you can find the video on BornFreeMovies Channel at www.youtube.com/user/bornfreemovies)

Every bit of support helps. Together we can help change the world and make it a better place for these animals.

We, the children of Mother Earth, implore the Great Smoky Mountains National Park Service to BAN all killing of wildlife in the Great Smokies National Park, the ANIMALS' home.

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