#Animal Welfare
Government of Kuwait, http://www.e.gov.kw/sites/kgoenglish/Pages/HomePage.aspx

An unnamed American businessman in Kuwait has killed 30 of his German Shepherd Dogs and, it is reported, plans to do the same to an additional 80 dogs that were used for protection and security purposes.

It is said that he lost his contract with a petroleum company and is getting rid of his dogs.

Please sign to stop him from continuing this massacre -- we will forward the petition to the Kuwaiti government and post it on the government's Facebook page.

To the government of Kuwait, Ministry of the Interior:

We, the undersigned, call on the government of Kuwait to prevent the needless slaughter of German Shepherd Dogs, said to be in the possession of an American businessman who has lost his security contract with a petroleum company. It has been reported that 30 dogs have already been killed and another 80 are targeted for death. This is a vicious and inhumane treatment of trained and serviceable animals, and we ask that the government find the perpetrators and prevent further loss of the animals' lives.


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