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As we all know, Europe is facing a major crisis since we started taking refugees in from the Middle-East. There's been numerous cases of rapes, robberies etc throughout Europe done by some of these refugees.
The European Parliament will take in consideration to vote a new law if a petition of one million signatures is presented to them.
The recommendation for the law will be to check the background of anyone crossing into Europe illegally, removing the "bad weeds" before they manage to advance more into Europe. In the past 4 years, Europe became a battlefield, there's rapes, there's gang rapes, there's terror attacks, there's robberies, the criminality level is on the highest peaks. We need to stop this, we need to protect ourselves and a tighter control of the borders will help a lot.
We have the right to defend ourselves in times when the government doesn't, we have to unite as people, and fight this while there's still time.
So what i'm asking you, my fellow european citizens, let's make the European Parliament take attitude against this attacks, let's rise up and shout it out loud " NO MORE, WE WANT SAFETY"!

We, the European Union's citizens, call on the European Parliament and all the member countries's governments to have a tighter control of our borders, and provide us with a higher level of security. We are calling on you to stop the islamization of Europe! No more!

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