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Every American has UNIMPEDED freedom to pursue a good education through hard-work and determination. Unfortunately, the College Board plans to expand its “S.A.T. Adversity Score”, a social engineering tool that uses 30 socioeconomic factors with intentions to NORMALIZE every American child’s future. If implemented, tens of millions of working–class American families who worked very hard, saved money, and bought houses in good school districts to ensure good education for their children will be unfairly punished.

Every concerned citizen must be alarmed and reject the irresponsible and premature expansion of this Adversity Score for the following reasons:

1. The College Board must present sufficient evidence to show the public that the Adversity Score is formulated scientifically and fairly before expanding to more colleges. Students must have free access to their scores as well.

2. The Adversity Score should NOT be used on top of, or in combination with, racial preferences which have been widely implemented in colleges across 42 states. The coupling of these two factors will lead to disastrous consequences for millions of working–class Asian and other American families.

3. The Adversity Score, if established scientifically, should only be applied to a limited population to help children growing up from truly disadvantaged families with inadequate funds or conditions to support their K-12 education. It should not be applied to the general population for social engineering purpose.

Please sign this petition and reject intrusive and wide-reaching social engineering in college admissions!

Thank you very much for your support!

Asian American Coalition for Education

We, the undersigned, call on the College Board to stop the irresponsible, large-scale rollout of The SAT Adversity Score !

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