#Human Rights

Numerous human rights violations have been committed in Yemen. Most have been caught on tape and or reported by medical services in the country.

Footage of the crimes while being committed or of the victims are all over the media. International organizations have reported and denounced the crimes, but no real action has been taken to stop them.

A Call for the International Community for Action

We, the people of The Republic of Yemen, have come out to the streets all over the country to protest peacefully calling for the resignation of President Ali Abdulla Saleh for breaking his campaign promises and for the deteriorating economic, social and political conditions in the country.

While he had all the means for transferring power in a peaceful and orderly manner, he chose to use evasive manoeuvres and make false promises with no real intentions to relinquish power peacefully.
President Saleh has chosen to use all means to stay in power.

The recent events clearly show that these means can be destructive and brutal with no regards for human lives. His loyal military and security forces and militias have used excessive force resulting in the loss of lives of men, women and children. Torture, intimidation and the use of snipers and heavy weapons against peaceful protesters and innocent civilians are all clear violations of human rights and all international laws, accords and treaties.

It is a shame in this day and age that the whole world is watching what is going on in Yemen and no serious actions have been taken to stop Saleh’s aggression against his people. This international silence will only encourage Saleh to step up his brutal crackdown on the peaceful protesters and the innocent population.

We call upon all regional and international organizations and all the decent people and governments of the world in the East and the West to stop this bloodshed, war crimes, mass murders and human rights violations that Saleh and his regime are committing in Yemen.

Saleh’s actions will eventually create chaos in the country and destabilize the region.

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