Lord Mayor Robert Doyle

We represent a newly formed action group whose purpose is to give a voice to the growing community concern surrounding the horse and carriage tourism trade in the City of Melbourne.

Formed of community members who share a common concern, we believe this practice is antiquated and provides little to no tourism value and has no place in a modern city such as Melbourne. This forum is the beginning of a coordinated campaign to persuade the City of Melbourne to recognise the culturally progressive nature of Melbourne and bring an end to what many see as a blight on an otherwise vibrant city.

This is an ongoing cause. Collected signatures in support of our cause will be presented to the Melbourne City Council at an upcoming public meeting.


please contact: horsescartlessgroup@gmail.​com for an queries.

We, the residents of Melbourne, would like the horse and cart tourist trade to stop. We ask Lord Mayor Robert Doyle and our city council to take this trade out of operation by considering the welfare of these animals and the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, taxi drivers, tram commuters and truck drivers.

We the residents of Melbourne believe it is a reminder of our colonial history and is outmoded in terms of having any cultural value to our city.

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