Gold Coast Dolphins NRL Bid and the National Rugby League and the Queensland Rugby League

THE battle has only just started for the right to bear the Dolphins name.

Our club will not be surrendering our 35-year-old emblem, name and all the goodwill we have built up with it.

Our CEO James Hinchey has written to the National Rugby League chief executive officer David Gallop expressing our amazement and disappointment that he apparently did not know Redcliffe were the Dolphins.

In his letter, James has asked for a meeting with Mr Gallop at which we will state our case against Gold Coast's adoption of the Dolphin name for their inclusion in the NRL.

We also will be bringing pressure to bear on the BRL Division and Queensland Rugby League, as our immediate governing bodies, for their support in our battle.

While Dawn Hill and her loyal band started their campaign in front of the TV cameras for the Clydesdales-Redcliffe match, our club will bring in heavy artillery.

We have met our trademark lawyer and he believes we have a good case. We believe the NRL needs another consortium in the southeast corner of Queensland and back Gold Coast's entry, however we object strongly to their usurping our history.

As the Dolphins, the Redcliffe football club has played a major part in our city's history and development and that also will mount a part of our case.

Observers only have to take in the number of businesses and organisations on the Peninsula which use either the dolphin name or emblem to promote themselves to realise its connection to the area.

As I said last month, our club has aspirations to join the NRL and our contribution to the code cannot be underestimated. When the Broncos downed the Knights last month, there were five former Dolphins - Petero Civoniceva, David Stagg, Craig Frawley, Brent Tate and Dane Carlaw - in their ranks.

This is your chance to register your disapproval with the NRL and Gold Coast franchise. Sign the petition and add any comments you may have.

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We, the undersigned, request that the new Gold Coast NRL bid, currently known as the "Dolphins", change it's name in acknowledgement that in rugby league Redcliffe are the Dolphins and have been known as such for 35 years.

Furthermore, we will not support the Gold Coast NRL team in any way unless they change their name.

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