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United States Senators, Representatives and President Obama
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The current situation in Sudan is extremely volatile. The Sudanese government violently cracked down on peaceful protesters on December 7 and 14, proving that it is unwilling to create the conditions for free and fair elections, currently scheduled for April 2010. If illegitimate elections are held, the entirety of Sudan – including Darfur - is likely to topple into renewed civil war.

Despite this obvious violation of basic freedoms, the U.S. has yet to impose genuine consequences on those obstructing peace in Sudan. If nothing changes before April, U.S. taxpayers will have spent nearly $100 million to support the election of an indicted war-criminal and legitimize the iron-fisted rule of one of the world’s most oppressive regimes.

President Obama promised consequences for Sudan if Khartoum did not meet benchmarks for peace — tell the White House that Sudan must feel real consequences for its actions NOW!

We call on you, President Obama, United States Senators and Representatives, to make peace, protection and justice in Sudan a priority. Elections in April will be a sham and could be a major flashpoint for violence.

We call upon this administration's commitment to lead in imposing multilateral human and civil rights in Sudan. Please support Senate Resolution 404, which calls for full implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

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