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Our Federal Government is proposing a new tax that will be placed on non-alcoholic beverages such as soda, pop, juice, and water, but not limited to these items.

On top of that they want to include in this tax fast and convenience foods which would be anything from chips to your favorite food from a drive thru dinner. This tax has been labeled as the Fat Tax.

They feel by adding this tax they can use the revenue to fund part of the healthcare reform. This tax will really hurt the middle class families and families that receive food assistance.

The signers of this petition our telling the congressmen and senators that we want them to vote NO on any form of taxes that would be placed upon non-alcoholic beverages such as pop, soda, water or juices but not limited to them.

We also want them to vote NO on any form of taxes on convenient foods such as chips, candies or any other forms of these foods.

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