#Animal Welfare
Faroe Islands and Denmark`s government!
Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands - The "Taiji" of Atlantic

Each year, in these Islands, the locals kill helpless pilot whales and some other small cetaceans.

The method used is to some extent similar to the one used in Taiji, Japan to get the dolphins and small whales into shallow waters: Fishermen and others use speed boats to chase and drive the whales into a bay. This chase can take a while and then when the frightened whales arrive in low water, the slaughter starts. The water then turns red with blood and the sight of dying whales. The Faroese kill about 100 pilot whales in a day - thousands in a season.

Take action.

Never, ever, killing an other creature, another living being, with whom we share this world, has done any good, to anyone. So let's stop it.

ProWal - http://www.walschutzaktionen.de/226301.html (Andreas Morlok - founder and executive ProWal)

To the Government of the Faroe Islands

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

according to scientific research you know that the consumption of contaminated whale meat can pose a serious risk to human health. Yet you ignore the fact that Faroese families, along with their children and pregnant women, continue to consume whale meat.

This is irresponsible and does not justice to your proud and forward-thinking nation.

You declare that whaling in the Faroe Islands and the traditional consumption of whale meat are national issues. In an enlightened globalized world the international community, together with the nations, must avoid and stop the damage in parts of the population, even though it is at the expense of outdated traditions. Innocent children, in particular, should be protected from harm. It is proved that consuming whale meat inevitably leads to serious illness, with some cases even resulting in death.

As signatories of this declaration, we fall in with the organizations WDSF and ProWal and demand: Provide safety to your population and future generations and prohibit generally and by law the consumption of whale meat in the Faroe Islands.

Stop whaling - Thank you!

Yours Sincerely

The Stop the Dolphin Slaughter in Denmark petition to Faroe Islands and Denmark`s government! was written by Andreas Morlok ProWal and is in the category Animal Welfare at GoPetition.