Eastleigh Borough Council and The Government
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The Government is making it easier for local Councils to use green belt land to build large scale housing estates on and in some cases even new towns, while we do need extra housing, all brown sites should be used before green belt land is even considered and in all cases full and truthful information should be given to concerned parties.

We must safeguard our Green Spaces as once they are gone they cannot be recovered. In Eastleigh the Local Council wants to build on several green Belt sites they say for local people, but only a small amount of these new build sites would end up being for Social Housing the rest would be for the private market, which would put more pressure on a town that is slowly sinking under the weight of traffic, lack of school places and health services. The housing situation could be eased by using the unoccupied houses that are in the borough, of which there are around about 1200 in the Eastleigh and Winchester area.

The only winners in this scenario will be the Developers and The Local Council. The losers will be residents of The Eastleigh Borough.

We The Undersigned Call On The Local Council And The Government To Stop Building On Our Green Belts.

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