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Ministry of Tourism

The demolition of Souk El Bzourieh is like annihilating our identity and erasing our history.

Souk El Bzourieh is a historical monument, one of the most important souks of Old Damascus. If this one goes, it will beginning of the destruction of whole of Old Damascus. Soon enough there will be no Souk Hamidieh, no Citadelle and God knows what will happen with Omayyad Mosque.

They already started with Bab Charqi, Madhat Bacha, Al Manakhlieh and many others...

Selling the land of El Bzourieh to build some touristic project would not make the place more famous neither more beautiful. Tourists wouldn't care much to see a big mall instead of the charming little shops of El Bzourieh. This is absurd. We cannot let this happen.

What will become of Damascus if these destructive actions continue. What will happen if we turn our backs and let them flatten our Old Town.

It is there where our identity lies. If the Old city goes, nothing of our true history will last. How can we explain to next generations that once instead of tall buildings and shopping malls we had little souks and small shops which people from around the globe came to see.

We need to stop them in every mean and every way. Not stand still and watch our heritage go down.

We need to awaken people's awareness of the importance of such a place. We need to let our voice rise to reach concerned persons to reconsider the destruction order.

We simply cannot let this happen. It will be like letting go of the last straw that we are hanging on to which is our true identity.

Stop the demolition of the Old Town in Damascus.

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