My friends and fellow fanfiction writers, since fanfiction.net started, their slogan was "Unleash your Imagination" but recent developments have been brought to my fellow writers and my own attention that fanfiction.net is starting to take down fics that have certain content such as sexual and/or violence in them.

This is an outrage in 3 aspects, first off, it makes the site we fan fiction lovers all know and love go against what they had encouraged since the beginning allowing people to let their imagination go wild, secondly, young people are not reading and writing as much as they used to and if this site makes people want to read and write about what they love then the more power to them, thirdly and most serious of all, this is an attack on freedom of speech amendment.

If fanfiction.net is reading this, let me ask you this, are you going to not allow your loving writers to excercise the rights our founding fathers and those who came afterwards fight so hard for?

We the united supporters of the writers of fanfiction.net call upon the operators of this once great site to stop the deletion of stories that may have questionable content.

Allow them to be returned to the site with a restriction of viewing e.g. said stories access based on birthday of the viewer or other form of restriction.

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The STOP THE DELETION OF FF.NET STORIES! petition to www.fanfiction.net was written by Frederick Asam and is in the category Internet at GoPetition.