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New Post 9/11 GI Bill taking effect lowers our annual cap to $17,500. When previously capped at over $20,000 annually for vets receiving 100% of GI Bill benefits.

The previous cap was enough to attend a majority of U.S. educational institutions with no out of pocket expenses for example flight costs for pilot bound degree seeking students.

Pilot expenses are usually charged $300-$450/hr. Our previous cap at over $20,000 annually with Yellow Ribbon Program benefits covered all tuitional costs, whereas our new cap at $17,500 causes us to pay out of pocket expenses.

Affective August 1st, 2011

For veterans and their transferees - simplifies the tuition and fee rates for those attending a public school and creates a national maximum for those enrolled in private and foreign schools;

- Pays all public school in-state tuition fees;

- Private and foreign school costs are capped at $17,500 ANNUALLY;

- The Yellow Ribbon Program still exists for out-of-state fees and costs above the cap.


The government has lowered the cap by almost $7,000 annually. But costs for apprenticeships and fees annually remain, causing vets to pay out of pocket to cover the rest of their school training and educational fees, including job certifications and licenses.

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