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Webtv users being told they can no longer use TalkCity for chatting and are moving to MSN chat services. Then MSN closes free chat experience but users are to pay for a service that would cost them $19.95 a year just to chat (MSN loses a lot of clientel).

Two years later MSN states that they are closing the chats down altogether, but only a few have seen this information, and if you do not look close enough on the chat home page you'd miss this information, (MSN was/is trying to hide this information).

Now MSN is breaking apart webtv'ers & MSN users that have made bonds, extended families and we want to BLOCK the closing of this action.

Here is our plea...

We, the users of MSNtv (Formerly WebTV), MSN subscribers, and users of MSN that pay extra just for chat purposes, are urging that MSN NOT close the chatrooms down.

By you closing the chatrooms down you are forcing people that have made strong connected bonds and extended families to break apart. This has been done once before when MSN took over Webtv and there was a mad dash for MSN to change their chatting services, to make it webtv friendly for the most part.

Now again, webtv'ers are faced with being tossed around as well as those that currently pay to chat and MSN subscribers, to lose contact with friends. MSN sites that their reason for this is because chatting has declined due to other ways to communicate besides emails, chatting, and Instant messaging.

We the users of the services mentioned above would like to keep our families, friends, and acquaintances, in the rooms we belong to. MSN is an enormous company and with the decline of chatting should not deal a blow like this to those that still chat.

We the users, are urging that MSN not close the chatrooms down for false reasons. If it is because of child predators, do not punish those that are not sick and demented in the head, but rather have a better security system to stop kids from using your chat service.Idea have everyone reregister with or update their registration with their State ID number or Drivers License number, if they do NOT have these I.D.'s then they shouldn't be permitted to chat or use any services from MSN.

Codially: We The Users of MSNtv (Formerly WebTV), MSN subscribers, and The users that pay extra to chat.

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