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We are local people representing local people, who are working on behalf of local people in Calderdale.

Everybody uses public services, Cuts today will destroy tomorrow.

Cuts to our public services will impact on the Calderdale community,

Cuts will damage the quality of public services,

Cuts will see the poorest in our communities hit the hardest,

Cuts will hit young people from nursery to university,

Cuts to frontline staff will affect the most vulnerable,

Cuts will hit our local economy.

We face the worst attack on public services and public sector employment for 90 years, mounted by the Coalition Government. These are the biggest cuts since those made by the Liberal – Tory coalition in the early 1920s.

The axe will fall first on workers employed by local authorities. The cuts will not actually reduce the deficit. Because spending reductions will hurt the economy and create unemployment, the tax received by the Government will actually decline as companies pay less tax on falling profits and people out of work stop paying income tax and VAT. This actually means the deficit is likely to get worse.

Calderdale Council is being forced into a position where they have to decide where the cuts will fall. Is Whitehall going to look after the vulnerable of Calderdale?

This is a time for all of us who care about the future to work together, and we need your support to protect the future for our children, our elderly, our disabled and our vulnerable.

Please sign the petition below.

We the undersigned urge Calderdale Council to recognise the value of local services for the people of Calderdale.

We call upon Councillors to protect the services in our area in order to support the young, the elderly, the disabled and the vulnerable. This will not be achieved by cutting the jobs of public sector workers.

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